Awesome Ski Trip To Borovets, Bulgaria

After a busy year, I finally got some time to break away from it all and take my girlfriend on a ski trip to one of my favorite countries. The Balkans have a few nice ski resorts and after perusing the internet for a while I finally decided on a ski trip to Borovets, Bulgaria. Though I must admit it was a difficult choice, but in the end the decision to pick Borovets as my holiday destination was well worth it.

borovets resort After a bit of searching I was able to find a great website that specialized in active holidays. The site is Nielsons, they have a great selection of adventure holidays, and I found that Neilson’s offers on ski trips are really reasonable and offers great package deals and discounts. Did I mention that they actually offer discounts on early booking and also on the last minute offers. Well, I must say I got both…..enjoyed my holiday and my credit card didn’t ran dry.
Borovets ski resort lies at the southern part of the Rila mountains.It is surrounded by luxury hotels such as: Alpin Hotel, Borovets Hills Hotel, Euphoria Club Hotel and Spa, Flora apartments, Flora Hotel and Iceberg.  Like a small kid offered a variety of candies to choose one from, I was stuck but thanks to my credit card it gave me a choice.

Also, there were this wonderful shops, bars and restaurants around and they surely reminded me that I was on holiday and that I should just unwind. At Borovets resort I could almost feel it boast to me of how it is surrounded by beautiful nature and cosy towns such as: Malyovitsa, Samokov and Beli Iskar. I am getting so carried away by my surroundings that I nearly forgot to talk of this wonderful resort itself. I first saw the perfectly maintained ski slopes and the hotel staff told me that the ski slopes are guaranteed by a professional snow-making system and inside my heart I had no doubt about it because I saw the professionalism myself.

Then I saw a problem and was beginning to worry about my choice for the holiday destination. My girlfriend had never skied before, as I had no idea how to begin teaching her, as she was not about to let me, as she wanted a professional, I told her how “hard can it be to teach you.” But she would have no part of it. However, this situation was short lived.I soon learned that there were a wide variety of options to cater for the needs of the tourists and Ski instructors was one of them.

She was given an instructor who thought her all of the basics until she was comfortable skiing by herself. In no time at all she was on the slopes with me enjoying the whole experience, and I was greatly relieved as we were both happy and enjoying the slopes together.I love the Borovets ski resort because of the fact that they have family at heart. I saw how a family would go out with an instructor and I must say I am looking forward coming back there again but next time with a few of my friends. The winter sports:skiing, night-skiing, snowboarding, cross-country skiing,ski jumps and biathlon, etc are just a bit of what I am looking forward to during my next visit there.


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