Beautiful Bulgaria

On a recent trip to Bulgaria. After finding a great deal and booking a flight with Thomas Cook Flights. I had packed my bags and was back on the road again. This trip was an eye opener for me. I had forgot how much I missed this Beautiful place, until I landed back in this European country. My plane touched down in Sofia in the late hours of the evening. This was not a good time to start exploring the country which I had already noticed has an impressive natural environment. So my first task was to check myself into a hotel till the following day. The Hilton Sofia gave me my very first experience in the country. There is a high level of hospitality. Of course it goes without saying that the hotel reception was pretty warm and inviting. After all this was the Hilton chain of hotels.

Beautiful Sofia A few hours into my trip and after spending my night in Sofia, I was ready to explore the country; geographically, socially, politically…name it. My first destination of the day was Rila Monastery. This is one place where history is literally written all over the walls. There is a huge collection of carvings, architecture, ruins and murals. Even to a person who is not fascinated by history, the art itself is mind blowing. So I was 75 miles away from Sofia and I had the urge to travel even further away from the capital city. My next destination was the Rila Mountains. This was a few miles away from the monastery and I did not have trouble employing the services of my dedicated driver. I learned that if anyone was on holiday and had skiing as one of his or her major interests, then this was the place to be. Personally, I tried a few ski stunts at the Quaint Bansko. Although this location was good for mountain climbing (Pirin Mountains), I got word that there was an even better place for this.

Next I was led to Stara SofiaPlanina, a place that is synonymous with mountain climbing to the whole world; so I learned. There was more history here. In my mountain climbing process, I came across caves and rock formations. Most of these caves had paintings and cuts that definitely shade some light on ancient civilization of Bulgaria. Here, it was history and mountain climbing in one package. My adventure for the day was being reduced by dusk and fatigue that was slowly setting in. I had gotten word prior to my trip that Bulgaria had a number of spas that were known to have relaxation and medicinal effects. This is what my body needed. For the evening, I booked a room at the Dune Hotel in Bulgaria’s black sea coast. The hotel offered a spa treatment. After getting one, I found myself believing that the spa could really have some medicinal properties. I felt as fresh as how I had felt in the morning. My day was over.

One thing I learned is that there is more than what one can exhaust in Bulgaria.


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