Enjoying the Prespan Lakes of Macedonia

I had heard of the wonders of Macedonia but nothing prepared me for what I saw in the east of the land. To the famous magnificence of Macedonia, add the panoramic beauty of the Perspan lakes. These are two lakes separated by a mountain! As if is this is not enough, I soon discovered that Lake Perspan feeds Lake Ohrid through underground springs. There is so much for visitors to see that only a vacation is the key to enjoying the Persapan lakes of Macedonia.

Galichitsa Mountain with Ohrid Lake in the for...     I am adventurous and so when I heard of the deserted Snake Island, nothing could stop me from going. I am bold but I was truly shaken by the sheer number of water snakes on the shores. I nearly turned back in fright but then my guide spoke of the 14th century Fresco paintings and I was in for the challenge. Touring the ruins of an old monastery has never been so exciting and unpredictable thanks to snakes lurking all over.

Mt. Galicica is a sight to behold as it stands between the lake Prespa and another lake-Ohrid. There are lots of things to capture your eye on tour of Mt. Galicica national park including beautiful plants around the lake. There are bears, boars, deer and different bird species making it a true nature lover’s paradise. On the road that leads to the two lakes, is a point where you can get great views of them. Among the most amazing birds in the Prespan lakes of Macedonia is the black raven, White pelican, Heron and Gull which gather around the lake to feed on fish. There is a wide variety of fish in the lake including trout, carp and even barbell.

English: Lake Ohrid in Macedonia as seen from ...Many people love to stop at this point if only to see the magnificent sunset reflecting in the calm prespan lake waters. As the sun sets, the waters turn a beautiful yellow color but you might also see the lake turn a heavenly blue in the hot summer afternoon.

I visited in the summer but I heard that the scenery changes dramatically in the winter. Animals are tucked away in their havens when the waters turn bitterly cold and all there is to see is snow covered flora. Sometimes the waters freeze and you get to see a beautiful expanse of ice. Never forget your camera while touring the Perspan lakes of Macedonia lest you lose a special memory. I would definitely recommend a trip to this region for a glimpse of pure natural beauty





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