Lake Bohinj. The Spring River Sava

Lake BohinjThere is not a single house in Bohinj, that hasn’t been equipped to accommodate tourists. You can find a place to stay, either in person, or through the Tourist Office. You can chose between several different destinations: the liveliest is Ribcev Laz , little village on the way to Bohinj, or the village Stara Fužina, that was named after the ancient iron-working craft. We are at the foot of mountain Triglav, the symbol of Slovenia, near the waterfall where river Sava springs. Slap Savice (the waterfall of Savica) is one of the most beautiful waterfalls in Slovenia. There is also Zgornja dolina (Upper valley), a group of villages where you can spend you holidays in tranquility.

Bohinj Lake Bohinj, Magic Place

This is a magic place at any time of year. Beautiful lake at the foot of mountain Triglav (symbol of Slovenia) Ribcev Laz, Stara Fužina, Ukanc, Zgornja Dolina…Houses, flats, rooms and hotels… the beauty of it is the fact that the traditional tourist offer is still deeply rooted in the spirit of this place, the beauty of these mountains, forests, this lake, that is often frozen during the winter, but where you can swim during the summer. The water is extraordinary clean. The system of 8 lakes flows into Slap Savice, a waterfall where the big river Sava is formed, the river that has been following us on this journey all the way to Belgrade, where it meets Danube. Lake of Bohinj is easily accessible, as it is not to far from Tarvisio and other famous tourist destinations, such as Kranjska Gora or Bled. But what you find here is a place where the nature is clean, welcoming and interesting at any time of year.

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