Maliovica (2792 m) Bulgaria

MaliovitsaThe Maliovica ascent was not planned, it just happened. We did not think of it much during our planning of the adventure but the guys from Sisak mentioned it as being one of the most popular ascents so we saw no reason not to try it. Whenever someone tells me about an attractive climb I get a picture in my head about smooth rocks and ropes and that is usually enough to keep me from going anywhere. But in this case I thought I should do it since I’m there anyway. Surprisingly, there were no ropes and no danger. The climb was wonderful and attractive in a completely different way. A lot of water, 2 terraces, a meadow, rocks, lakes…. The instructions say it’s a 5 hour climb, including the descent. Ok, that’s true, but it’s more rewarding to dedicate a whole day to it.

The ascent starts at the ski resort. Until then, we spend work days at the mountain and there were not so many climbers so the crowd and noise we came across on Saturday came as a shock. It only goes to prove that hiking and relaxation at mountain resorts during weekends is very popular in Bulgaria. The climb starts off with a one-hour walk from the resort to the mountain chalet, something like the path leading to Boris’s hut at Paklenica. Again, there’s no need for water in your bag since there’s a stream near the path.

The mountain chalet is big and next to it are about a dozen bungalows. All beds were taken by the end of the day. There is enough food there as well.

The stream and stones take the path further on so you go over the 2 terraces, followed by heaps of rubble and stone but it’s not difficult. The beauty of nature makes you go on, slowly…

Although I was all for a Saturday in Sofia, it’s good we turned out to spend it in the mountains. Everything was perfect. We made it to the top at around 14:00, therefore it took about 3,5-4 hours of easy walk and a break at the chalet. The view was amazing once more……

It seems as nobody there is afraid of the dark, bad weather or any such thing since the atmosphere was full of commotion, like at a train station! And, ha-ha, there were those who ran up and down, and those who walked around in flip-flops!!!!


We spent an early noon in Sofia which did not impress me too much. There are no huge, romantic buildings like the ones you see in Vienna or in Prague, which I’ve been looking for. It looks a bit like our Zagreb which I find much more beautiful.

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