Regional center for tourism development founded

To improve cooperation among six Danube countries

Regional organization the Danube Center for Competence was founded in Belgrade with the aim to promote regional tourist offers and economic development by the Danube river. Six countries participate in the project: Serbia, Croatia, Bulgaria, Romania, Ukraine and Moldavia.

Serbia’s Deputy Prime Minister Božidar Đelić stressed that the founding of the Center and the joint international initiative is very important for Serbia, adding that the aim is to improve tourism on the Danube and present that river as a tourist attraction in Europe because it has a lot to offer.

German Ambassador to Serbia, Wolfram Maas, stressed that setting up the Danube Centre for Competence is important for Serbia and the neighboring countries, adding that it will create possibilities for new job openings and a larger income.

According to him, this opens new possibilities for regional development and good neighborly relations, adding that Germany supports the project by allocating two million euro for the first stage of its realization.

State Secretary for Tourism and the Ministry of Economy and Regional Development Goran Petković said that the opening of the Centre is a great opportunity for the six countries to share their knowledge and experience. Petković said that this will encourage tourism on the Danube and development of tourist routes, mentioning that a bicycle route has already been established, as well as a Road of Roman Emperors and a wine route, which have yielded considerable success.

The Center will present the joint tourist offer of the six countries at the Belgrade Tourism Fair.

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