Skitouring in Bosnian Mountians

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an introduction to the Skitouring programme

Have you been hiking on the Bosnian mountains and wondered how those would look like in winter? Are you tired of the crowds in Bjelasnica and Jahorina and want to try something different? Are you looking for
powder snow? Then you are ready for the Scorpio ski touring programme!

From December to April, the Extreme Sports Club Scorpio organizes ski-touring excursions. From Vlasic to Bjelasnica, Prenj, Visocica, Vran and Cvrsnica the Club has prepared a series of trips to allow you to admire the beauty of the Bosnian mountains in their winter dress.

Our tours

Our trips last from 3 hours to 3 days. From the skitouring trips in Smetovi, an excellent way of getting into shape and learning the basics of skitouring, to real challenges on Mountain Prenj with overnight bivouacs on the mountains and winter ascents to the main peaks of Prenj, Cvrsnica, Vran, Visocica…. As you can see in the pictures!

Teambuilding: We organise special programs for
companies and organizations willing to offer their staff a unique experience.

Some frequently asked questions about skitouring

Do I need special equipment?
You need a special pair of skis for skitouring, which combine the advantages of cross country and alpine skiing: during the ascent your heels are free, so to
move without difficulty. During the descent, the bindings lock so that you can ski freely in powder
snow. Special skins applied underneath the skis, prevent you from sliding backwards and increase the grip on the snow. All the equipment is provided by the

Do I need to be an expert skier to join the trips?

No, it is not necessary. In general it is sufficient to be an intermediate skier, with a decent command of skis.

What’s the difference between snowshoeing and skitouring?
Snowshoeing was conceived mainly for flat terrains, they are not suited for steep terrains. Skitouring comes from the Alps and it is designed to climb steeper slopes and to descend quickly (and with more fun) once you have reached the top.

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