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Pavilions at Slow Food Nation
Pavilions at Slow Food Nation (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Denis Kajić- Slow food is an international organization established in Italy in 1986 as a counteraction to fast food and negative factors of such food and life. It promotes a slow approach to enjoying food and attempts to preserve local gastronomical tradition and biodiversity. There are over 80 000 members in over 100 countries, including the regional organization Slow Food Convivium Vojvodina.

The Vojvodina organization was founded by a few enthusiasts who knew about the Slow Food movement and felt close to their ideas. At that point they formed a group with another 30 persons of the same thought and contacted the central movement in Italy and paid the members’ fee. That is how the Vojvodina Slow Food convivium was established. Conviviums are organizational units active in the field and they organize various events for the members and other interested persons. The members gather in a restaurant called Salas 137, a cozy place where you can taste traditional Vojvodina food in an authentic ethnic atmosphere. They also organize lunches and dinners whose aim is to promote the principles of the movement

Red Chard growing in the garden of Slow Food N...
Red Chard growing in the garden of Slow Food Nation (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

because, other than taking slow and long pleasure in eating, it is also very important to have the food produced in an ecologically safe environment which takes into account people’s health as well as specific aspects of local gastronomy and biodiversity.

Internationally, the movement organizes events such as the Cheese Festival in Bra in northern Italy which gathers the producers and cheese lovers; or the sea food presentation in Genoa known as Slow Fish. One of the most important projects is “Terra Madre (Mother Earth)” – it is an annual gathering taking place in Turin. The participants are representatives of conviviums, fishermen, food producers, and farmers from the whole world who discuss food and nutrition, and biodiversity conservation, and the right to have good and healthy food etc.

Victory Garden in Civic Center Plaza taken dur...
Victory Garden in Civic Center Plaza taken during the Slow Food Nation festival (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Slow Food is also a publishing

house. It prints a magazine bearing the same title in 6 different languages and various guides and books concerning gastronomy.
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