Sustainable transportation system in Perast

Church in Perast.

The representatives of the Ministry of Tourism, the Kotor Municipality and designer company “D’ Appolonia“ held a presentation of the project “Sustainable Transportation System in Perast” on 13 January. On the occasion, tourism minister Predrag Nenezić pointed out that the project realization will provide Perast with new contemporary foundation and sophisticated techniques for environmental protection.

He also stressed out the importance of promoting the project start in cooperation with the Italian Ministry for the Environment, Land and Sea, dating from 2004.

Mr Nenezić deems it to be a revolutionary project for Kotor  and other communities in the vicinity because it is a well-known fact that Montenegro wants to provide sustainable development and this project proves it. The project is very important for tourism having in mind the fact that tourists who care about sustainable development are not small in numbers; on the contrary, they are an perastentire market.

The Kotor Mayor Maja Ćatović says the project is very important because it will attract more tourists and allow better presentation of Kotor, so the Municipality will always support such projects.

Representative of the transportation sector with “D’ Appolonia“ Flavio Marangon presented a project of sustainable transportation system in Perast. The main goal is to relieve the central part of the town of the great number of cars during summer. The main idea is to have limited transportation within which the residents, the disabled, the elderly and the delivery companies will be the only ones to enter the town with their vehicles. There will be parperastking lots at the entrance and the exit of the town. Within the town people will use transportation means such as bicycles, electric bikes and cars and segways that will be controlled via the approach system. The system’s software will be connected to the approach system control and will be able to control the parking lots and information check points. The necessary amount of power will be provided via photovoltage panels.

All equipment installation will be performed outside the urban part, except bicycle parking, in order to preserve the authentic features of the town.

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