The 7 Rila Lakes

Panoramic photo of the Seven Rila Lakes in the...

On our third day we visited the seven Rila lakes. The hiking took us about 7 hours. It is possible to go back the same way or go through meadows andwoods so the lakes are one the left and Maljovica rising to the right. Maljovica climb is considered to be one of the most attractive ascents in this part of Bulgaria.

The path commences to the right of the Vada chalet, near the Govedarci village, which is not far from Borovets. The road leading to the chalet is in a very bad condition and barely passable. Having in mind it is a very attractive and popular path charging 5 lev for parking space near the chalet, it ought to be repaired. The two day tour around the seven lakes can be compared to Maljovica ascent or Rila Monastery visit, although the descent to the monastery is quite steep and there is no mountain chalet for over-night accommodation. That requires going back up the hill for about 3 hours until reaching the Ivan Vazar chalet. However, the Maljovica option is somewhat easier to pull through but one needs to be careful since the ascent takes 2 hours and

another 1,5 – 2 hours to descent to the chalet. This should not be a problem for the quick ones who could take less time

I have only one remark concerning road signs that do not contain information on the time needed for a particular tour so you rely on luck and the info you obtain over the Internet. We are much better in the subject.

The 7 Rila Lakes are the largest and most picturesque group of lakes on the Rila mountain. Once you’ve spotted the first you can’t wait till the next one and so on. I can’t tell which one is the most beautiful. There are mountain chalets near the first couple of lakes. The names of the lakes (The Tear, The Eye, The Kidney, The Twins …..) stand on signs along with the information on their location, depth,

map …… Each new lake brings the more astonishing new view.
After spending an hour on a forest

The "Eye" lake, one of the seven Ril...

footpath you are welcomed by a flowery meadow…

And the lakes………..

There is a herd of wild horses. Each mother horse has a baby horse.

Once I reached the top something made me move forward to see what else lies ahead, a bit farther …….
And thank God I followed my instincts! What fantastic meadows! Maljovica and other lakes disclosed themselves on my right. I was so happy! Had I had it my way we would have gone on to Maljovica but there was a clever head among us! The day was a total success! OK, the descent took us a bit longer due to our own choosing to go around the path once we saw the vast plains. Our knees and hips were complaining about the choice

but it was worth it!!!!!

Now we are back home gearing up, and getting Visa’s for our next awesome trip to Australia.



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