The Roman Emperors Route with Bulgaria and Romania

Roman Emperors RouteSerbia is currently negotiating with Bulgaria and Romania about including those two countries in a tourist tour called the Roman Emperors Route, says the state secretary for tourism Goran Petković. “We are planning to form a joint committee with Bulgaria and present the Roman Emperors Route program on foreign markets this summer,” says Petković.

The tourist tour along the Roman Emperors Route connects the cities of Serbia where Roman emperors were born. “It is a pan-European corridor functioning from Scotland to Bavaria, and our task is to make it longer by taking it through Serbia and adjacent countries,” says Petković. He added that the tour will be presented in China. Serbia and China have an agreement about a privileged tourist destination. “For Chinese tourists visiting Bulgaria or Romania only may not be enough, but if we include Serbia then it is a very good product,” says Petković.

According to him, the goal of the Congress of the International Hotel and Restaurant Association taking place in Belgrade is to show that investments in Serbia can be made, but they also need closer links with the countries in the region. “The Balkan region can be a very tempting offer for tourists from distant countries,” says Petković. He also mentioned that Serbia is talking to Montenegro and Bosnia and Herzegovina about joint wine tours, and joint cultural tours with Croatia.

The annual Congress of International Hotel and Restaurant Association will last until 21 January with 200 representatives of hotel industries from Serbia and abroad. The main topic is “New trends in hotel business and the Balkans as a new tourist market in Europe “. The International Hotel and Restaurant Association with its 100 national associations, 300 thousand hotels and over eight million restaurants organized the Congress.

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