Traveling to Zelengora

English: City of Neum Hrvatski: Grad Neum     Zelengora, situated in the mountains of Bosnia and Herzegovina is one of the prime destinations of tourists all over the world. Do you wish to know the wonderful landscape beauty of Zelengora? If yes, let’s see here some of the stunning features of Zelengora which I saw there in my previous journey. Nine alluring glacier lakes scattered in this mountain presents a real feast for all our eyes. Apart from beautiful lakes, Zelengora is also famous for wonderful mountain view with green bushy trees and flocks of sheep. Travel to Zelengora is quite exciting and adventurous. When we reached there, we could see a stunning array of pyramidal peaks, groves and grass glades to adore the location. Enriched flora and fauna is one among the highlighting features of Zelengora. If you wish to see Black bear wandering through the bushy green forests, feel free to have a journey to Zelengora. Endemic species which we saw there highlights the beauty of place. Which season is best to visit Zelengora? This question is quite common from tourists.
A public fountain of Tuzla in summer 2007.    Generally, I would advise you to travel to Zelengora during spring and autumn season. Zelengora is a perfect spot for all in search of the finest destination for trekking. I found here a superb collection of cranberries, blueberries, wild strawberries and blackberries. Are you a fishing enthusiast? If yes, never hesitate to plan your trip to this beautiful destination. You can enjoy fishing from any one of the beautiful lakes here. Even we enjoyed a beautiful fishing from a lake here.
Extreme cold temperature during winter season is a main drawback of this tourist spot. You can see the migration of sheperds to valley from hilly regions during winter season. Waterfall skakavac is another beautiful spot which I would like to spot out in this tourist destination. Those who wish to enjoy the fabulous view of skakavac waterfall can plan your trip to this exotic destination. Apart from fly-fishing and trekking in Zelengora, I will also recommend this location as a perfect spot for canyoning. As per my research, Zelengora is found to be as the best chosen destinations by geographers and zoologists. Trekking is divided on the basis of experience of tourists. Three levels of trekking highlighted in Zelengora include easy, normal and advanced. Like all of us, you too can do trekking here for three to ten days. Accommodation facility for us and all others are made in hotels and mountain hut.
Today, Zelengora is an ideal choice for all in search of an adventurous destination for sightseeing and fishing. Cycling is one of the favorite activities that all of us performed in Zelengora. If you wish to see the beautiful view of pastures and planes of this place, never hesitate to do a cycling here.


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